Mr President

Mr President are an award-winning Creative Agency with campaigns for clients including Bacardi, Unilever and L’Oreal. Established in 2012, the company has grown quickly, and in 2014 moved to new offices at 12 Soho Square.

Southstudio were initially asked to help personalise the generic office environment, and subsequently to develop ideas for a previously un-let basement area. The brief for this 900 sq.ft. space was to provide a multi-functional social and work place on a minimal budget. In particular, the ability to have informal creative and strategic review sessions was needed, something not possible on the main office floors.

The space is organised as a central open-plan area, with ancilliary meeting booths and storage arranged along a flank wall. At one end is an open plan kitchenette, with a formal meeting room at the other end accessed via a large sliding door.

The existing tiled ceiling was removed and all upper surfaces sprayed black, with new acoustic baffles and linear LED light fittings hung at 45 degrees. By doing this, the eye is drawn from the entry point across to the long pin-up wall where creative work is displayed, while the black painted void has a scale-less quality to counter-act the enclosed nature of the basement space. Ancillary functions are housed in joinery elements mainly arranged along one wall, making use of spaces left over around stairwells. These carefully detailed elements are formed in shuttering plywood, creating cosy meeting booths and invaluable storage. The warm plywood contrasts with the dark pin-up material on the opposite wall, a low-key backdrop that does not distract visually from the work displayed.

The project was achieved on an extremely low budget of £65K, providing Mr President with a striking creative and social space that has benefitted new-business pitches, internal process and staff interaction alike.


Client: Mr President Partnership

Architect: Southstudio

Contractor: Abode Renovations

Photographer: Paul Riddle

Status: Completed 2015