Hampstead House

The Cottage is a new five bedroom family residence of 530 sq.m, in a uniquely secluded woodland site adjacent to Hampstead Heath. The new structure replaces a dilapidated house dating from the 1930’s, which had been occupied by the client’s family since the 1960’s.

The design is conceived as a simple, contemporary pavilion, the grain of which follows the linear nature of the site and visually appears to ‘float’ over the ground. Large areas of glazing to all ground floor living areas allow uninterrupted views into the dense woodland of Kenwood. A dramatic continuous double height space leads from the entrance through the length of the house, providing for horizontal and vertical circulation, as well as separating the main living areas from the boundary. This naturally top lit space provides daylight and sunlight deep within the house, and down to the basement pool area.

Cladding materials are self finished, low maintenance and long life comprising a warm grey render surface for the majority of the external envelope, with areas of sweet chestnut vertical cladding, which harmonise and complement the arboreal setting.


Architect: Southstudio


  • Structural Engineer: Ramboll
  • Services Engineer: Kaizenge
  • Landscape Architect: Ginger Landscape
  • Cost Consultant: Richardsons

Planning Approval 2015