Suffolk House

The design is for a detached live-work house in a woodland setting. The client is a designer seeking an escape from a hectic metropolitan lifestyle, a contemplative space where a focus on family and nature can have precedence.

The building arrangement focuses around a central core, with accommodation either side. On the ground floor is a guest bedroom and studio space, with primary living areas on the first floor opening out onto a full width balcony overlooking a private courtyard garden. A master en-suite bedroom and two smaller bedrooms occupy the second floor accommodation. A modular construction system has been proposed, resulting in a house typology which could easily be used for mass construction. Concrete floor slabs and spine walls are cast in-situ, incorporating cut-outs for stairs, roof lights and services. The floor slabs support a cantilevered staircase (in concrete, steel or timber) between floor plates. Prefabricated insulated panels are stacked to form a distinctive structural facade, completed with concrete lintels over the second floor windows. Frameless glazing, opening lights and external doors fill the open areas between the concrete panels and internal wooden partitions and finishes provide a soft natural interior, a contrast to the solid exterior of the finished building.


Architect: Southstudio

Status: Concept Design 2013